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Today I'm sharing a guest post from my friend, Dr. Keith Webb, PCC, founder of Creative Results Management:  


I learned to coach ministering in Asia. My first coaching "clients" were Indonesians, who didn't, at first, like the coaching process! They wanted me to give them advice, not just ask questions.

With a bit of experimentation I figured out how to effectively coach people who were very culturally different than me. I wrote about some of this in a chapter in the book Coaching In Asia in 2010. Since then, I've had in mind to write a full book on cross-cultural coaching.

Not anymore! My friend Tina Stoltzfus Horst just published the book I felt was needed. Get a copy and use Section Two as a reference to troubleshoot your cross-cultural coaching relationships.

Here's my quick review of Dancing Between Cultures: “The challenge in writing about working cross-culturally is balancing explaining cultural dynamics and teaching how to successfully work within them. Dancing Between Cultures is a complete manual on cultural dynamics as they relate to coaching. The author explains each dynamic, but more importantly how they matter to the coaching relationship. Loaded with practical tips and stories, Dancing Between Cultures fills a much needed gap in the Christian coach’s library.”

Tina, the author, will join me on teleclass #3 of the upcoming Cross-Cultural Coaching course I'm leading. It begins October 31st.

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Have a great week!

Keith Webb, PCC

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